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Introducing: "Gentleman Adventurer" 21.04.2024
Extreme Traveler - Watch Out ! 21.04.2024
Danger Zone Movie (2023) 11.10.2023
Dijibloho Grand Hotel in Equatorial Guinea's future capital 20.06.2023
The Sultan of Sulu and the Bangsamoro MILFs on Jolo Island 20.03.2023
The Azer Side of the Karabakh War: Agdam Ghost Town + Fuzuli 04.10.2022
Prince of Hessen Grand Tour through Germany 17.05.2021
At the Donezk Front, with Nightwolves, Chechens, and a Freud 09.05.2021
Commando Clipperton + Revillagigedo Rebellion 22.03.2021
Varosha Ghost Town + Louroujina Pocket + Kokkina Exclave 22.03.2021
The Masonic Hotel + Museum + Cigar Bar in Loket, Bohemia 08.07.2020
Neuschwabenland, Antarctica 12.02.2020
In the FARC mountains, Marquetalia, Colombia 26.01.2020
The Principality of Sealand 10.06.2019
Aleppo, Syria 23.05.2019
At the Babylon Hotel in Baghdad 20.11.2018
Mleeta - the Hezbollah Stronghold in Lebanon 20.11.2018
Krim: Night Wolves Bike Show + Donbass: Separatist Café 20.08.2018
The ultimate "Gentleman Adventurer" trip: to all 3 Somalias 18.07.2018
Hot chicks, cold noodles and a rocket haircut in North Korea 19.01.2018
Systematic Travel Congress in Liberland 22.10.2017
Tarawa Battle for the South Pacific (Country Collecting) 04.10.2017
Space Tourism to ISS - from ESA Columbus Control Center 18.07.2017
Khasab Fjord & Smuggler's Nest, Musandam, Oman 17.04.2017
Best airport stopover: Ololo Lodge in Nairobi National Park 16.04.2017
Libertalia: the Pirates' Free Republic in Madagascar 16.04.2017
Moroni, Comores: Bob Denard's Putsch Capital 16.04.2017
Extreme Traveler International Congress (ETIC) in Mogadishu 15.04.2017
The "Gentleman Adventurer" on the BBC 14.04.2017
Mystery in Prague: the Goylem and the Cemetery 04.10.2016
At the Russian Defence Forces Museum in Moscow 20.08.2016
Devil's Mountain: the NSA's molehill in Berlin 13.07.2016
Road to Anabar. World's Northernmost Dead-End ! 10.03.2016
Extreme Traveler International Congress (ETIC) in Anabar 10.03.2016
Books about "Country Collecting" 23.02.2016
The wild Peninsula Valdez, Patagonia 24.12.2015
Ushuaia ... Prison ... at the End of the World 24.12.2015
Museum of Foreign Debt in Buenos Aires 24.12.2015
Argentina's Route 40 to the Southern End of the World 24.12.2015
Thuringia: Germany's Secret Underground 19.10.2015
Conspiracy in Schwabing: where Lenin and Hitler had Lunch 19.10.2015
The Saxon Hotel, Johannesburg, Mandela's former home. 02.09.2015
At the Armed Forces Officers Club & Hotel in Abu Dhabi 02.09.2015
War visit to the Donetsk People's Republic / Novorussiya 12.07.2015
ZIMNIK - Ice Roads in Russia 14.04.2015
Manpupuner - Siberia's 7 Giants and 7th World Wonder 01.04.2015
AK-47 Welcome in Timor-Leste 26.02.2015
The unique "Airways" Hotel in Papua New Guinea 25.02.2015
In Illuminati-founder Adam Weishaupt's hometown Ingolstadt 25.02.2015
Gentleman Adventurer in TheBestTravelled Magazine 03.02.2015
Connecting the armistice train...from Compiègne to Crawinkel 10.01.2015
Finally attending a Bilderburger meating 10.01.2015
Along the ISIS front from Grozny via Erbil & Kobane to Kilis 05.11.2014
Extreme Traveler International Congress (ETIC) in Grozny 15.10.2014
The Beslan School Massacre Memorial 15.10.2014
The Roki way to South Ossetia 15.10.2014
Offroad: Altai - Khakassia Track - Tuva 15.10.2014
The mysterious missing part of the Ebstorf World Map 21.08.2014
Gentleman Adventurer on TV and 'The Best Travelled'-Magazine 19.08.2014
RIP PSL -Most Competent Political Journalist & Traveler dies 16.08.2014
North Pole Marathon 15.04.2014
Ice Camp Barneo, 89°N, North Pole, Russia 12.04.2014
Dogsledding in Shitsbergen 12.04.2014
On Stalin's "Dead Road" above the Polar Circle 20.03.2014
Update: Travel Guide Grozny, Chechnya (2014) 26.01.2014
Driving through Westsahara, Mauritania, Mali (Dec 2013) 04.12.2013
Eagle's Nest and Bunker at Obersalzberg 06.08.2013
James Bond Breakfast on Piz Gloria 06.08.2013
Top 15 (easy-to-reach) Dangerzone Destinations 19.02.2013
Nordkapp by Car in Winter - and the 3 Ice Hotels 15.02.2013
Roadtrip Russia (5) "Road of Bones" -50° to -62°C 14.02.2013
Roadtrip Russia (4) TransSiberia to Chita in Winter 13.12.2012
Roadtrip Russia (3) World War North Front to Murmansk 13.12.2012
Roadtrip Russia (2) World War East Front to Stalingrad 14.10.2012
Roadtrip Russia (1) Murmansk - Machackala - Magadan 12.10.2012
Panamericana (2) Hotel Gems from Mexico to Panama 24.08.2012
Panamericana (1) Searching for bullion shit in the US 23.08.2012
Cheers to my 172nd UN country 23.08.2012
Crossing the Caucasus - Ossetia (Russia) to Adjara (Georgia) 02.07.2012
At the Underground Bar in Grozny 01.07.2012
Dagestan 25.03.2012
Stalingrad and Astrakhan 25.03.2012
Road to a new Liberia, via Gambia-Bissau-Guinea-SierraLeone 20.01.2012
Haiti and the Voodoo Magic of Hotel Oloffson 09.11.2011
Aid Drive to Dadaab at the Kenya / Somalia border 10.08.2011
Blitz Trip to Benghazi (Arabian Spring 2011) 23.06.2011
Northern Caucasus (Chechnya, Ingushetia ...) 24.04.2011
Colombia (Bulletproof) 23.04.2011
Mad drive thru the Stans (Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, ...) 23.04.2011
A day in Somalia 23.04.2011
Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) to Juba (South Sudan) 23.04.2011
Crisscrossing Mexico by car - including the dangerous North 21.04.2011
The Continental Micronesia Island Hopper 21.04.2011
Bhutan, the Bugatti among countries 20.04.2011
Best Danger Travel Websites 23.03.2011
Tracing lost history from the Caucasus to Europe (Avar'home) 23.03.2011
Overland Speed Travel Records 22.03.2011
Transnistria and Gagauzia 20.03.2011
Sudan (Khartoum and Meroe) 21.09.2010
Iraq and East Turkey 20.09.2010
"Old" Liberia 20.09.2010
Zanzibar to Capetown - Overland in 8 Days 20.09.2010
Africa's Heart of Darkness (Rwanda, Burundi, DRC, Uganda) 20.09.2010
Israel, Palestinian Territories, Jordan, Egypt 20.09.2010
Sao Tomé 20.09.2010
Angola Overland 20.09.2010
Sahara Crossing (West) 20.09.2010
North Korea (Panmunyom Border) 20.09.2010
Sakhalin Island 20.09.2010
A quick Cigar in Cuba 20.09.2010
Galapagos - Losing out on Darwin's Natural Selection? 20.09.2010
The 3 Guyanas Overland 20.09.2010
Amazonia and Pantanal 20.09.2010
Iran 20.09.2010
To Istanbul Grand Prix via Albania and Kosovo 2005 20.09.2010
South African Safaris & Grand Prix Masters Kyalami 2005 19.09.2010
Marrakech 19.09.2010
Vietnam, Cambodia & Golden Triangle (Thailand, Laos, Burma) 19.09.2010
On the Trails of the Mafia in Sicily 19.09.2010
Greenland, Iceland, Faroe Islands 17.09.2010
EPIC Transatlantic Cruise 09.08.2010
Luxury Yacht Cruise in the Maldives 09.08.2010
Blue Cruise in the Turkish Aegean 09.08.2010
South Pacific Explorer 09.08.2010
Surf Around the World (1992) 08.08.2010
"Most Traveled People" Meeting in Munich 21.07.2010
Berlin Re-Unification Celebration with Gorbi & Kohl 20.07.2010
Minimum Luggage - Maximum Clothing 19.07.2010
Onomatopoetic Travel, Systematic Travel and Dromomania 19.07.2010
Cigar Lounges - by Luxury Rogue 18.07.2010
Myths and Truths about Danger Travel 18.07.2010
Most Dangerous Countries (List) 17.07.2010
Most Dangerous Airports (List) 16.07.2010