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Thuringia: Germany's Secret Underground


The Free State of Thuringia (German: Thüringen; red borderline on the map) is a central German Bundesland, often associated with terms like Germany's "green lung" (Thüringer Wald, Rhön, South Harz), "technological brain" (Bauhaus, Carl Zeiss Jena, Ilmenau Tech) or "cultural heart" (Weimar, Gotha, Wartburg / Luther, Goethe, Schiller, Bach).

This central German area has been a major civilisatory crossroad since time immemorial, as indicated by the 7.000 years old "Goseck sun circle", excavated in 2002, or the 4.000 years old "Nebra Disk", discovered in a private excavation 1999, or the Erfurt Synagogue from the 11th century, the oldest in Europe, with its famous "Erfurt Treasure" excavated in 1998. A major East-West traderoute, the Via Regia, also went through Thuringia. Another proof of the strategic location: during the Cold War, the so-called "Thuringia Balcony" was the Soviet Union's main military concentration area to block or to threaten tank attacks through the "Fulda Gap" (with today's memorial: Point Alpha, not to be confused with Checkpoint Alpha).

250px-Nebra_Scheibe.jpg 05588BC9B9DD04E00D245E3586CE6CBC.jpg Goseck.jpg 0558DBC1E208FB1751FC01B4D78F3164.png

Thuringia's Early Underground: "Nebra Disk", "Erfurt Treasure", "Goseck Sun Circle", "Crossroads of Via Regia and Via Imperii" (Source:Wikipedia)

Towards the end of World War II, Thüringen was developed into a "Schutz- und Trutzgau" (NS protection and resistance shire) because of its mountainous topography, suitable for "Untertageverlagerung" (underground industrial production) and maximum distance from allied (= US & UK) terror bombardments by air.

Both the extensive underground excavations, as well as the new industrial production were undertaken with forced labor from concentration camps, sometimes under hardest conditions that left many prisoners dead by execution, exhaustion, disease (or allied bombardments).


Foto: Wikipedia. "U.S. Generals Eisenhower, Bradley, Patton, and Eddy inspect a cremation pyre at the [Ohrdruf] camp on April 12, 1945"

Although at the Treaty of Yalta in February 1945, Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt had agreed to divide Germany into East & West, with Thuringia to be given to the Soviet Union, the 3. US-Army with top generals Eisenhower, Patton and Bradley (plus the Publicity and Psychological Warfare Unit under Edward Tenenbaum, plus the atomic reconnaissance team ALSOS under Boris Pash) in breach of this treaty, after crossing the Rhine at Oppenheim on March 22nd 1945, pushed deep into Thuringia, in the first days of April 1945.

(ALSOS at the same time also pushed into the French sector and looted the other German atomic research center at Hechingen-Haigerloch, near Suttgart. Tenenbaum later betrayed the Yalta Agreement again, with Operation BIRD DOG, inventing and introducing the Deutsche Mark overnight in the West [on June 20th 1948, after the forced Konklave von Rothwesten, and after secretly shipping in 23.000 cases of "D-Mark" (inspired by D-Day and demarcation zone) from the US] ... and thereby cementing the first layer of the German Wall against the East. Adenauer played along. Stalin instead would already have allowed German reunification.)

(Foto: Wikipedia. The main cause of the inner-german border = Mark. Tenenbaum's 6 billion Deutsche Mark, shipped from the US in Operation Bird Dog. The first series looked like US$.)

Up to today, many official documents remain classified or missing and there is much speculation (and disinformation) why the American top-brass so highly prioritised this area.

In my personal quest for finding truth in original historic locations, I am trying to list the various reasonings or motivations in order of likelihood (military motivation) and by % of today's officially documented truth:

  • the official German state treasure (gold, foreign reserves, antiques, art, etc.) was safeguarded here and looted by the US (in the Merkers mine) 100% true
  • the German underground central communications headquarter and cable crossroad "Amt 10" or "Olga" was located here (near Arnstadt) 100% true
  • the NS secret service SD "Sicherheitsdienst" secret headquarter was located here (in Hopfengrund near Arnstadt) 100% true
  • the atomic research team around Prof. Diebner had developed enriched uranium for an atomic bomb (in Stadtilm) 100% true
  • there were large stocks of uranium (in Stassfurt, Anhalt, 11 tons looted by ALSOS in April 1945) 100% true
  • the Wunderwaffen V1 and V2 rockets were produced here (in the Mittelbau-Dora and Lehesten mines) 100% true
  • the Wunderwaffe surface-to-air missile "Wasserfall" was built here (in Mittelbau-Dora) 100% true
  • the Wunderwaffe ultrasonic torpedo "Aal" was built here (in the Kolditz mine near Probstzella) 100% true
  • the Wunderwaffen Messerschmidt turbo-engined fighter jets were built here (REIMAHG facilities inside and on the Walpersberg) 100% true
  • the Wunderwaffe Horten delta wing stealth fighter was produced here (in Friedrichroda) 100% true
  • other delta wings, ground-effect aircraft and even rocket-powered aircraft like the Me-163 "Komet" were developed and built here by Prof. Alexander Lippisch (Arnstadt) 100% true
  • the direct-energy weapon "Rheotron" was produced here (in Burggrub, Bavarian border, near Sonneberg; captured by the US on April 14, 1945) 100% true
  • the direct-energy weapon KSK "Kraftstrahlkanone" of Prof. Ernst Schiebold existed, possibly moved from Aschaffenburg-Ostheim to Thuringia (but probably not fully functional) 100% true
  • the intercontinental "Silbervogel" antipodal missile, or "Amerika-Rakete" was developed here (albeit not to a functional level) by Prof. Ernst Sänger [one of the few NS scientists later "hired" by France, not the US or the SU] 100% true
  • the "Sun Gun" may have been developed here, but not to a functional level (actually in Hillersleben near Magdeburg) 100% true
  • the Z4 ("V4") Computer by Konrad Zuse (briefly in Dora-Mittelbau) 100% true
  • the general exploitation and plunder by the US of German industrial patents amounting to US$ 10 bio in 1945 values! (Prof. John Gimbel's Report) 100% true
  • the top-engineers of these high-tech programs (such as Wernher von Braun, Kurt Diebner, Alexander Lippisch, etc.) were to be "hired" by the US (Operations ALSOS / Overcast / Paperclip with a total of 500 captured scientists according to the Harold Brunser Report. And Operation Safehaven with a total of 3.800 scientists & families blocked in Germany. Pre-war almost ALL important nuclear scientists had studied or lectured in nearby Göttingen (Lower Saxony), including Born, Hahn, Diebner, Heisenberg, Meitner, Pauli, Planck, Fermi, Teller and Oppenheim.) 100% true

[Interestingly the maximum advance of the US-army was Torgau, just east of which Prof. Walter Blume had developed the Arado bomber jet. The US and SU armies met at the Elbe River in Torgau on April 25th 1945. Blume - on the other side of the river - was subsequently "hired" by the SU instead of the US.]

  • for the extraction of "Luftwaffe Secret Technology" the so-called Operation Lusty was started by the US on April 22nd 1945, with captured aircraft brought to Freeman Field AB, Indiana. German pilots were "hired" for operating the unknown technology. The so-called "Watson Whizzers" were sent out to capture at least one of each aircraft, even if still located in the Russian, British, or French sectors. (The British established their own technology transfer program, called Fedden Mission on June 12th 1945, and their own "foreign expert hiring" called Operation Sturgeon, and their own intelligence de-cypher team called TICOM [now GCHQ, a predecessor of the NSA, just like MI6 for the CIA]) 100% true
  • the highly symbolic Compiègne Armistice train waggon was located here (in Crawinkel) 100% true, but of little military value
  • the highly symbolic coffins of Kaiser Friedrich Wilhelm I. and Friedrich II. "der Grosse" and Paul von Hindenburg with his wife were deposited here (in the Bernterode mine; taken to Marburg by US on April 27th 1945) 100% true, but of little military value
  • the girls get more beautiful towards the East (although US soldiers were not picky in allied France) 100% true, but of little military value
  • the first atomic bomb tests were already undertaken here (in Ohrdruf, original witness being Cläre Werner, owner of Wachsenburg, but officially denied) 75% possible
  • the first ever atomic bomb was looted by the US from here (Ohrdruf) and dropped by the US on Hiroshima (Oppenheimer was in Ohrdruf in April 1945, his first atomic test "Trinity" in Alamogordo was on July 16th 1945, his first war crime and crime against humanity in Hiroshima on August 6th 1945. Note: his Manhattan-Project worked with Plutonium [like the 2nd, the Nagasaki bomb], whereas the German bomb worked with Uranium [like the 1st, the Hiroshima bomb]. However, this idea may also be anti-German disinformation.) 50% possible
  • the (in)famous SS leader for the production of wonder weapons, and unofficial Nr. 3 in the Reich, General Hans Kammler, was to be be found here and taken to the US (lots of disinformation about his remains, with apparently 4 different death certificates) 50% possible
  • other Wunderwaffen (such as the UFO discs "Haunebu" and "Vril" or "Die Glocke", the so-called "foo fighters" witnessed by allied pilots) in combination with revolutionary non-combustion energy systems (such as Viktor Schauberger's anti-gravitational Vril-energy "Repulsine") were to be found here (lots of official secrecy here, incl. the US-Antarctic Operation Highjump to Neuschwabenland, and lots of pro-UFO disinformation disseminated, e.g. in the US around Area 51, and in Germany by BILD and SPIEGEL) 49% possible

[As a rule of thumb, whenever a story includes UFOs, Aliens, Occultism, Magic or God(s), it is just disinformation & distraction by the powers-to-be.]

  • the Amber Room was then located here (in Jonastal, according to Boris Jelzin's Statement as late as 1995, however it was never officially found and would have had little value for any US-staff) 25% possible
  • Hitler may have been located here at the time in a secret underground Führerbunker (officially in the Jonastal, but he had many other bunkers and he definitely died in Berlin on April 30th, 1945) 25% possible
  • there may have been the first concentration camps on the path of the US-Army (Buchenwald, Mittelbau-Dora, etc.), but there were other KLs before reaching Thuringia. (Interestingly, Edward Tenenbaum was the first to enter the Buchenwald KL.) 00%

(Compare Wikipedia: NS Geheimprojekte, Wunderwaffen)

During my visit here in Fall 2015 I had a look at the Jonastal Verein & Museum in Arnstadt, visited several underground facilities, and collected the following fotos:


At the Jonastal Club Museum and History Island in Rehestädter Weg 4, Arnstadt


Various real (= officially confirmed) Wunderwaffen exhibited at the Museum


In the Jonastal (Jonas Valley)


Official Version: another Hitler Führerbunker was built here, inside this hill (called the Bienstein), by 10.000 forced laborers from the SIII-Camp, in ca. 20 caverns. Yes, that's an owl on the signpost.


Yes, that's a stupid sheep, up there on the steep hill.


Cuckoo !


"Military men are just dumb, stupid animals, used as pawns in foreign policy!" Henry Kissinger (named after Bad Kissingen, just 50km south and born in Fürth, just 150km south). Yes, he said that!


The Compiègne Train Waggon's last stand in Crawinkel (blown up by SS in the last days)


At the Kyffhäuser Monument where Kaiser Friedrich Barbarossa is mythically sleeping in a cave - and growing his beard - until the Germans re-unite and re-awake.


A beautiful Salamander greeted me at the gate of the Kyffhäuser Monument.


At KL Mittelbau-Dora where the largest underground facilities were built (previously an Anilin mine).


Inside the Kohnstein Hill (Mittelbau-Dora) with lots of debris and a V2 engine.


In Kolditz where "Aal" torpedos were built.


In Lehesten where V2 engines were tested.


Private adventurers at the Oertelbruch mine near Lehesten with Mike Wagner (right), a local expert, guide and book author.


Lehesten was directly at the inner-German border during the Cold War (DDR watchtower in the center upper right)

large_90_P_20151018_100839.jpg Ampelmaenchen_Berlin.jpg

(IMO), a monument to the "Typical German", tech-savvy, but ruled-by-rules, predictable, gullible and robot-like: the "Ampelmann". At the Merkers Mine where the largest state treasure ever was buried to prevent looting by the approaching armies.


600m underground!


At least one good hotel on this trip, the Romantik Hotel inside the Wartburg Castle. A World Heritage Site famous for the stays of Walther von der Vogelweide, Wolfgang von Eschenbach (where he wrote the Parzival), Luther (where he wrote his bible translation), Goethe, Bach and Liszt. And for the German University Fraternities (Burschenschaften) celebrating, since the First Wartburgfest in 1817, the anniversaries of German Reformation (Luther 1517), German Liberation (from Napoleon at the Leipzig Völkerschlacht 1813), and since the Second Wartburgfest 1848, the German Revolution (Frankfurter Nationalversammlung at the Paulskirche 1848).


In Stadtilm where a monument to Prof. Diebner's cubic uranium enrichment process has been erected in front of his hidden facilities (a cellar of a local middle school). "Alea iacta est!"


Just from the above facts, it is safe to say that German technology was at the forefront of the first jet engines, stealth fighters, rockets, the moon flight and the atomic bomb.

Other confirmed Wunderwaffen not mentioned before (and not located in the Thuringia area) include:

  • the Bachem "Natter" manned anti-aircraft rocket
  • the Rheinmetall-Börsig "Feuerlilie" guided anti-aircraft missile
  • Dornier Do-X "Flying Ship", Junkers "Mammut", Messerschmitt "Gigant" aircraft
  • the "Sonic Cannon" by Dr. Richard Wallauschek
  • the "Interferometer" (stolen by US from already British controlled Völkenrode Luftforschungsanstalt, near Braunschweig)
  • the one-man "Kugelpanzer" and the gigantic "Maus" tank (both remaining examples now in Kubinka Museum, Moscow)

There were several other scientific endeavours:

  • Schulz-Kampfhenkel's Amazonas-Jary–Expedition
  • Harrer Expedition to Nanga Parbat
  • Schäfer Expedition to Tibet
  • Ritscher Expedition to Antarctica (Neuschwabenland)
  • Sven-Hedin-Institut für Innerasienforschung at Schloss Mittersill
  • Hermann Sörgel's Atlantropa dam at Gibraltar

And not to forget other, rather civilian projects "Made in Germany" like:

  • the Zeppelin
  • the Autobahn
  • the largest passenger ship of the time, the Wilhelm Gustloff (204m)
  • Television (e.g. Manfred von Ardenne who was "hired" by the SU and continued his research [more than 600 patents] under Operation Osoaviakhim from Sukhumi, Abkhazia. )
  • Car development: Auto Union (predecessor of Audi) still holds the automobile speed record on public roads since January 26th 1938, when Bernd Rosemeyer reached an average (!) speed of 432,7 km/h over a distance of 2 x 1 km (back and forth on the A5 Autobahn Frankfurt - Darmstadt)
  • oval and tilted high-speed racetracks like the AVUS in Berlin
  • even the standardised 20l jerrycan gasoline canisters ("Jerry" meaning German, like Yank or Pommy for the others)

I find it noteworthy that biological and chemical weapons (gas) have obviously NOT been part of the German "Wunderwaffen" warfare arsenal and development.

In any case, lots of secrets are still buried underground in this interesting area of Germany.



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