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Most Dangerous Countries (List)

Article from Travelers Digest

Source: Traveler's Digest - Top Dangerous Locations

Some of the World's Most Dangerous Locations

The following is a compiling of some of the world's most dangerous places to visit. The ranking is alphabetical & the countries aren't ranked against one another. However they all share common traits whether that be high rate of violent crime (Brazil, Colombia, Equatorial Africa, Haiti, US), unstable security situations in the country due to terrorism or political upheavals (Afghanistan, Algeria, Colombia, Haiti, Iraq, Pakistan, Sri Lanka), some places are hotbeds of Islamic extremism (Afghanistan, Algeria, Iraq, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia), one place is on the list because it sounds scary (Chechnya), & another makes the list solely for their hatred of Western Nations stemming from conflict (Serbia).

Almost eight years after the American-led invasion large parts of Afghanistan are still controlled by the Taliban. And that has never boded well for anyone's safety.

Civil war, kidnappings, & beautiful scenery. Algeria has everything you could ever want in a destination, well except for those first two.

Brazil has long been known as a crime ridden locality. However things have now reached drastic proportions, with Brazil taking the dubious honour of being more dangerous than Iraq. Thanks largely to the recent spike in gang violence as highlighted by this spring's riots that gripped the entire state of Sao Paulo. This along with Brazil's ever deepening divide between rich & poor make Brazil one of the world's most dangerous nations to visit.

Chechnya, Russia
Russia is quite a dangerous location in its own right, however the rebellious province of Chechnya takes danger to a whole new level. Just say the name, Chechnya, it sounds scary doesn't it? And if anyone has ever seen the movie Beyond Borders (no one has) they would know that's where Angelina Jolie's character dies in the film. And I'm sorry if I just ruined that movie for you.


Trailer: "Beyond Borders" (2003) with Angelina Jolie by Paramount Pictures

Colombia is a double threat, not only does a visitor to Colombia have to deal with crime common for a poverty stricken Latin American nation, there's also the matter of those pesky FARC rebels. The threat of kidnapping remains high & when FARC kidnaps you don't expect to be seen again for at least a decade.

Equatorial Africa
Some African countries are doing well, but it seems that the equatorial African countries are having the hardest time coping. And while the apes of the Congo, Rwanda, & Uganda make for an appealing reason to visit, it's best to tread carefully on this ground.

By far the most dangerous & lawless country in the Caribbean, Haiti has one thing in common with a few other places on this list, it was once invaded by the United States.

Birthplace of civilization & formerly known as a welcoming & inviting place for travellers. Things have changed quite a bit now in Iraq, partially due to the fact that all of the foreign visitors now carry weapons, & who would welcome that?

Pakistan has so many issues that it's hard to know where to begin. Firstly there's the high anti-western sentiment among the people & that it's one of the chief hideouts of Al Qaeda. And then there's the dictator whose suspect presence threatens to tear the country apart at anytime through street violence.

Saudi Arabia
This entry might be misleading as I'm sure Saudi Arabia is a very safe place for a Saudia Arabian. However as a foreigner I don't think it'd be possible to feel at ease in the nation with anything short of an armed team protecting you.

Serbia is by far one of the more dangerous nations for Westerners particularly Americans to visit. Seeing as America did bomb them for,,, well for a while. However a lot of other countries did also, making this one of the few places where being a Canadian, or an Italian, or basically anyone else is no excuse whatsoever.

Sri Lanka
Anyplace where the rebel group is so bold as to call themselves the Tigers has to make this list.

United States
As a quick convenience store run in the nite will reveal to anyone, this is a dangerous country. The people are heavily armed, & prone to random outbursts of violence. Not a good combination.

Article written in whole by; Dakota Smith

Source: Traveler's Digest - Top Dangerous Locations


And this country didn't even make it into the article:


Press for Video: Spiegel TV, 07.06.2010, Nightmare Somalia - Report from a Lawless Country


My personal "Hit List of Dangerous Countries" based on my own subjective experiences:

1. Venezuela

2. Brazil

3. Mexico

4. Somalia

5. Ingushetia, Dagestan, Chechnya

6. Afghanistan

7. South Africa

8. Kenya

9. Russia

10. USA

11. Kurdish Areas

12. Kosovo

13. Greece

14. Rest of Balkans

15. South Sudan

16. DR Congo

17. Caribbean

18. South of France

19. Belgium

20. Morocco (in the old days)


Intentional Homicide Statistics


The darker sides of travel...

Source: Wikipedia - List of countries by intentional homicide rate



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