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Devil's Mountain: the NSA's molehill in Berlin

built on war and trash


Foto: Wikipedia, Teufelsberg before the artists took over

Berlin's "Teufelsberg" (devil's mountain) is actually man-made. From rubbish and debris after World War II. A total of 30 million cubic meters. Piled 80 meters high, on top of Albert Speer's "Wehrtechnische Fakult├Ąt" (a military academy which was too solid to be demolished). It is therefore the only high point above the flat plains of Germany's capital city. In 1961, the moles from the NSA started to use the hill as a listening station for their ECHELON system (now Five Eyes), to molest spy on the citizens, administrations and companies of both sides of occupied Germany. When the Soviets unilaterally withdrew in the early 1990s, the US radoms and antennas were slowly dismantled, leaving behind an abandoned and eery cold-war structure which is very interesting to visit, not only for its great views over Berlin. In fact, nowadays, the Teufelsberg is occupied again: by young anarchists and graffiti artists who have created a unique cultural biotope with powerful political messages and psychedelic elements, as the following fotos illustrate.

Tours are available, but only if you pass the face recognition test by the security personnel of the resident anarcho-liberal community. Good luck!

P.S. to intelligence anal-ysts:


... this is where the NS' biggest A's went alone (so they thought) ... and where they were the most productive ...


What to think of it all ?

As our Western neighbours say: "J'ai la taupe qui pointe" ("My mole is pointing").

Pardon my French !


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